Business Strategy


To develop, manage and operate high-end Third Party Data Centres for continuous operation of critical installations and offer Data Centre space for local and foreign companies at competitive rates.


To promote a string of “MyTelehaus” branded and managed Data Centre Facility across major cities in the region.

Our Strength

Data Centre Design
Data Centre Construction
Data Centre Management
Data Centre Operation & Maintenance


MyTelehaus is data centre whitespace developer and wholesaler. We rent, lease and sell data centre whitespace as well as office space. Our company is back by a team of experience data centre and IT professionals. We also team up with one of the best data centre consultancy company to design and build data centres that meet the demand of our partners and our partners’ customers for now and future.

Each facility of MyTelehaus is designed to provide the physical environment necessary to keep customer equipment operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

MyTelehaus will offer a range of services that are vital to outsourced and managed service providers and their customers who require the continuous operation of business applications. These customers will progressively expand over time as most organizations will come to depend upon 100% availability of their business operations especially as the tools for conducting their business increasingly rely on e-commerce and internet based transactions.

The future direction of the company structure will have many possibilities in terms of ownership and structures, however the main business objective of MyTelehaus will be to establish the data centre as a marketplace from which MyTelehaus can offer a range of business services to the customer base.